Taking customers behind-the-scenes at JLL’s mission control [ + expand for details ] [ - collapse details ]

For leading commercial real estate provider JLL, we were asked to create a simple video tour of its IntelliCommand offering—a mission-control-like center where client facilities are monitored and controlled around the clock via smart technology.

Yet, after seeing IntelliCommand in action, we wanted to give JLL something that worked much harder to capture the true spirit of this platform. We wanted viewers to get an inside look at the power and impact of IntelliCommand. Our goal was to recreate what it feels like to really be there, watching it in action.

Our strategy was to make this feel less like a tour and more like a docudrama—a dramatic, fast-paced, highly experiential video that led us through the story of IntelliCommand. Using “real-time” scenarios to advance the narrative, we demonstrated how people and technology work together to deliver greater value.

The video was the most viewed JLL video on YouTube and within the JLL Americas website—more than doubling the views of the second most popular video. It also garnered a great deal of praise from both our client and PCI, their technology partner.

Anecdotally, JLL’s global CMO caught wind of the piece and sent a note to the America’s marketing team (our client), stating that it was the exact tone and direction with which he wanted all future JLL videos developed. Mission accomplished.

IntelliCommand Video