ITT/Goulds Pumps
Humor brings home the problem of low water pressure [ + expand for details ] [ - collapse details ]

Goulds Pumps, an ITT brand, came to Slack and Company to inform consumers of its Constant Pressure Pump, which solves the problem of spotty, inconsistent water pressure in the home. Specifically, they wanted to generate demand for the pump from local plumbing professionals and distributors.

We created a pilot campaign involving multiple channels. Online pre-roll video, TV and radio spots, social media and guerrilla events all drove the consumers to a microsite we created, where they could learn more about the product, register for a sweepstakes and find a plumbing professional for a quote on installation.

This TV spot employs humor to frame the problem as “shower disappointment syndrome”—to which the solution, of course, is a Goulds Constant Pressure Pump.


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