Google Analytics
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Google Analytics engaged us first to build a pilot direct mail program to engage customers for its new product, and then it was time to show everyone else the power of Premium. It was our goal to create a real showstopper—a video that would quickly and simply showcase the product’s benefits and endear it to enterprises the world over. We created a fun and friendly video that literally spoke to the audience—using original music and Google-y animations to tell them how Premium was going to make a difference in their businesses. Then we dropped it on YouTube and a dedicated microsite that featured downloadable product information to make the sell. In just 24 hours, the video hit 26,000 views—reaching nearly 65,000 within the first 7 days. Social media, Web blogs and even the competition were all-a-twitter over the announcement, buzzing with excitement about not only the product, but the way we brought it to market.

Launch video


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