Moments of personal discovery provide the key [ + expand for details ] [ - collapse details ] needed to boost awareness among its dual audiences: the consumers who use Internet listing services to seek out rental properties, and the property managers and executives of apartment communities who make or influence decisions about where to advertise. Our print program, part of a larger integrated campaign, uses a mix of b-to-b and b-to-c print ads that play off the good feelings that people experience when they've discovered precisely what they're seeking in an apartment or potential new resident. Tagged with the line "Find your perfect fit," the ads feature bold, close-up portraiture of consumers and property managers in their "moments of discovery" paired with storytelling copy. Additionally, each execution features an iconic green key representing the power of to unlock opportunities, providing a consistent and memorable graphic hook to help tie together all elements of the campaign and pay off the tagline.

Print advertising—consumer

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Print advertising—trade

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