Branding a revolutionary commerce model for silicones [ + expand for details ] [ - collapse details ]

When silicones leader Dow Corning Corporation planned to relaunch its Web commerce-powered XIAMETER® brand, it needed a whole new look and feel for the brand that was dramatically different from that of the Dow Corning® brand. And of course, they needed to generate awareness, preference and site registrations. Our integrated program included a complete brand redesign, executed in a series of online and print ads, external and internal educational materials, multimedia presentations, visual identity systems and the main pages of the XIAMETER commerce website.


Visual identity standards

Oil and gas brochure

Print advertising

Xia03a_1_Textile_ENG.jpg Xia03a_2_Hair_ENG.jpg Xia03a_3_Laptop_ENG.jpg Xia03a_4_Control_ENG.jpg
Xia03b_1_Textile_SCH.jpg Xia03b_2_Hair_RUS.jpg Xia03b_3_Laptop_POR.jpg Xia03b_4_Control_TUR.jpg

Overview brochure

Landing page

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Interactive tour

Facebook page

Silicone educational video