FutureFood 2050: How ingenuity will feed the world.
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It all started with the fact that the Institute of Food Technologists is turning 75 this year. Naturally, IFT wanted to commemorate its 75 years of advancing the science of food. But it wanted to connect past accomplishments with a vision for the future—one in which food science plays a leading role in feeding an increasingly hungry world. Through passionate discussions with Slack and Company, FutureFood 2050 was born.

The program includes 75 interviews hosted at FutureFood2050.com and a full-length documentary film that will be released in 2015.

FutureFood 2050 is a series of interviews with leaders in science and innovation, influencers and personalities in the food world and beyond. The subject: how will we find sustainable solutions that will feed the projected 9 billion people living in 2050?

No ordinary interviews, these fascinating stories are being written by a respected team of journalists and are appearing on the FutureFood 2050 website and published in other media. The editors are Lib Brewster, a veteran trade reporter, and Josh Schonwald, the bestselling author of The Taste of Tomorrow.

The documentary film will be about the past, present and future of food science. IFT selected Oscar-nominated director, Scott Hamilton Kennedy to create the movie.

To date, Slack and Company has created a brand identity for FutureFood 2050, launched its website and orchestrated a media launch of the FutureFood 2050 initiative. Stay tuned. We’ll be helping IFT bring a lot more to the table in the months ahead.

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