Dow Corning Corporation
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As it split its offerings into two differentiated brands to serve different marketplace needs, silicones powerhouse Dow Corning Corporation saw a need to clarify its brands, initiatives and new business units among employees, prospects and consumers. Our solutions included developing a dual-brand campaign; introducing new Sustainability and Construction solutions; refreshing Dow Corning’s online workforce-recruitment presence; and creating a broad educational campaign about silicone’s myriad of uses. The branding campaigns included online and print ads translated into several languages, a microsite, brochures and sales tools, and internal educational materials. And for recruiting efforts, we produced a series of "day in the life" videos of employees around the world.

Visual identity standards

Employee launch poster

Dow Corning Corporation employee launch poster

Employee video

Dual-brand print advertising—corporate

Dow Corning Corporation print advertising—corporate

Dual-brand microsite

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Dual-brand distributor brochure

Print advertising—Construction Solutions

DC07c_ConAd_BA.jpg DC07b_ConAd_BMP.jpg DC07a_ConAd_BP.jpg




Print advertising—Solar Solutions

DC09a_SolarAd_Sun.jpg DC09b_SolarAd_Panels.jpg



Print advertising—Wind Energy

Dow Corning Corporation wind advertising

Wind brochure

Print advertising—Fascinating Silicone educational campaign

DC12a_FSad_Girl.jpg DC12b_FSad_Seal.jpg



Recruitment microsite

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