New Pig

Getting a grip on new prospects at 2015 National Grocers Association show



New Pig, makers of industrial-strength oil- and water-absorbing materials, saw a huge marketing opportunity for its Grippy Mat product, a line of temporary floor coverings perfect for preventing slips and trips underfoot. The market? Retail supermarket chains, who traditionally use mats that slip and bunch up, leading to lawsuits from customers as well as disability claims from employees. New Pig needed a way to introduce their superior product—and introduce its brand—to a whole new target audience at a major trade show for the grocery industry.


Our booth at the annual National Grocers Association show, mixed a little humor with a lot of persuasive information directly targeted at the pain points of the supermarket facility manager: reducing overall costs and especially heading off the threat of lawsuits. Our creative hook, “Grippy vs. Slippy,” provided a fun comparison between traditional floor mats and New Pig’s “lays flat, stays flat” solution.


Played out in the attention-getting trade show booth and supported with a landing page, the trade show appearance drew strong response from show attendees, generating 120 qualified leads for the New Pig sales force.

Trade Show Booth

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