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A leading Canadian paper products company, Cascades wanted to break into the US market with the launch of its new antibacterial towel-dispenser combo for the Away From Home market—the Tandem+. With a clear competitive advantage and flu season on its way, the goal was to get people talking at the janitorial/sanitation industry’s annual ISSA tradeshow, to raise awareness among distributors and get them excited about a fresh new offering for their customers from Cascades.


Our strategy? Tell distributors “the dirty truth” around hand washing and its effect on key market segments, including education, food service, industrial/manufacturing and more. With a 50x60 booth, we got down and dirty with distributors, arming them with stunning statistics about the spread of germs and the costs of illness to schools and businesses alike, and the benefits of a proactive, germ-killing antibacterial towel and dispenser solution—ultimately inviting them to help their customers “come clean” with the Tandem+.


Even in a year that saw overall show attendance drop significantly, Cascades garnered over 80 qualified leads, including decision makers from the industry’s top distributors. The Tandem+ enjoyed center stage at the Cascades booth and the show was deemed a successful launch for the exciting new germ-fighting system.

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