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As we set out to promote the Business Marketing Association’s (BMA) 2015 annual international business-to-business conference, we asked ourselves if our efforts could eclipse what we had done in previous years. Clearly, the bar was set high, as over 1,000 b2b marketers attended BMA14 last year, from 450+ companies globally. So we needed a fresh creative theme that could serve as the hook in our communications to stoke interest, excitement and visibility for the 2015 confab—and of course, get people to register.


As the premier b2b gathering in the world, the annual BMA conference offers unmatched learning and networking opportunities. It's truly the one place b2b pros can go to learn more, master more and deliver more on their jobs—even as they face ever-more-challenging schedules and budgets. This idea of "more" also relates on a more personal level. By attending BMA, aspiring professionals can expand their know-how, gain new competencies and, importantly, grow as individuals. This key insight guided and informed our development of BMA15’s theme and tagline, “Be more.”


Already, pre-registration for BMA15 is outpacing previous years' numbers. We’ll have to wait until the close of the conference in late May for the outcome, but we’re willing to predict that BMA15 will "be" everything it said it would be—and “more”—when all is said and done.

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