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The Business Marketing Association (BMA) required a compelling marketing theme along with materials that would drive attendees to Chicago for its 14th annual international business-to-business conference. In addition to having the kind of drawing power to attract 900 b2b marketers from 400+ companies in 40 states and 11 nations, the theme had to extend into virtually every aspect of promoting and conducting the event—from driving awareness and registration to offering attention-getting engagement on-site.


Years of experience told us what made BMA’s annual conference the world’s single largest b2b marketing event: BMA’s deep connections, insights and knowledge. It’s the one place business marketers and agency partners converge for the widest array of high-profile keynote speakers and networking events, plus powerful demonstrations of the latest technologies and tactics. Positioning it as a destination event, “where b2b is going,” our theme illustrated why highly motivated b2b pros would get to BMA14 any way they could.


How badly did b2b pros want to attend BMA14? Phil Clement, Global Chief Marketing and Communications Officer for AON Corporation, remarked, “I flew in from London. It’s a long journey but I’m always going to make it. I see great people. I learn unbelievable things. I see the best in the industry.” Suzanne Martin, Chief Marketing Officer of Revenew, put it this way: “If you had one conference to go to all year, and you’re a b2b marketer, I think this would be it.” Helped by the introduction of new event technologies allowing for the sharing of all conference information via smartphones, tablets and laptops, BMA14 became one of the best-attended, most talked- and tweeted-about conferences in its history. Final total registration figures added up to 987 attendees, with global participants ranging from Canada and Europe to Japan and the Middle East.


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