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Sharing the warmth of the holiday season
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Every year, Slack and Company creates a holiday card to wish good cheer to our clients and friends. In 2010 the card featured “Slacky,” a snowman featuring the head of Gary Slack himself atop its frozen body. We wanted recipients of the card to have fun with it—including taking whimsical photos of their Slackys in various environments and upload them to our holiday microsite, There, they could view and comment on photos others had posted, and print pages of even more clothing and props to embellish their own personal Slackys.

In fact, Slacky, being the savvy world traveler he is, made it all the way to China, sharing videos from Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Since we received so many photos and videos, that we felt it deserved its own special travelogue.

Response was spectacular: over a four-week period, we collected 351 photos from more than one thousand site visitors in 28 countries on five continents. On average, visitors spent longer than six minutes on the site, viewing almost 10 pages each. And more than half the site visits came from unique viewers.

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