GE Transportation

Evolving sales through a new interactive tool



GE Transportation needed an interactive tool for the sales team that told a comprehensive, linear story about RailConnect 360, a suite of software solutions. Although interactivity was key, the tool had to work offline and house a collection of one-page assets—which presented an interesting challenge.


We recognized that the greatest value of the tool would be to encourage the staff to sell by outcomes—a new way for selling for GE Transportation. Therefore, the tool needed flexibility and interactive features to allow for customization by sales representatives.

Our solution was to create the tool in Prezi, which met all the client’s technical requirements and offered the GE sales rep the ability to self-direct or customize based on the audience. From there, we baked in all the information about what RailConnect 360 is and how it works in an organized yet dynamic way—and hosts the one-pagers per GE’s request.


With content on focused outcomes, it helped the sales team to sell differently, as intended. Feedback from the GE sales team was overwhelmingly positive. In fact, the client contacted us about having the tool translated for other regions of the world and it also led to three other divisions within GE Transportation asking us to develop customized sales tools for them.

Prezi presentation

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