Dow Corning High Performance Building

An engaging approach to appeal to a broad range of audience segments.



Through its silicone-based materials, Dow Corning has helped to shape the modern skyline—providing the innovations that enable buildings to burn less energy, stand up to the elements, and provide more comfort and beauty. When it established its High-Performance Building (HPB) division recently, it needed a way to inform a wide audience of architects, engineers, building owners and materials manufacturers about all its varied solutions for them.


To help guide prospects to all the unique ways HPB products improve buildings' functionality and value, we created iCity, an app-like microsite accessed off the main HPB website home page.

Navigating through the graphic interface, users can browse the types of buildings they're interested in, see the specific solutions Dow Corning provides, and then click in to learn more. The tablet-friendly site also provides an easy way for sales personnel to consult with prospects in face-to-face meetings.


As soon as it was launched on the HPB site, iCity quickly became one of the most-accessed parts of the HPB site, generating hundreds of visits and several valuable leads in its first three months after rollout.

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Dow Corning iCity