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What if your hose could talk?



Raise awareness to a key issue among oilfield operations - the cost and risk associated unexpected hose failure due to abrasion - while positioning Gates the provider of a new product solution offering a key solve to that issue.

By focusing on the main benefit of their proprietary UltraBrasion™ yellow wear indicator layer as a preventive feature, this launch piece allowed Gates to highlight both the pain point and highly engineered solution which is considered far superior compared to the competition.


Armed with some secondary research, we uncovered that key personnel in oilfield operations were solely focused on replacing hoses only after they had failed. We saw this as an opportunity to shift the conversation of being reactive to downtime, to that of a more proactive focus through preventive maintenance, with the supplemental support of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program.

Because of the uniqueness of the hose, we saw this as an opportunity to put the product on the hands of the folks with who it mattered most. Conceptually, we arrived at the idea of “If a hose could talk, what would it say”? Using some attention-getting phrases on the outside of the box, we leveraged the unique features of the product, focusing on the fact that it was the only hose of its kind that proactively “alerts” maintenance personnel that a hose is close to failure. The copy on the inside further demonstrated Gate’s commitment to safety, and a partner to their operation.

Using a custom-created database, we mailed approximately 300 boxes to various decision-makers and influencers, staged over a series of weeks, which were followed up with a call from a member of the Gates sales team.

We also developed a suite of supplemental education materials to further their awareness and understanding with such as a safety guide and animated hose rendering video to further illustrate the benefits of UltraBrasion™.


While results for this sales tool are still being determined, the overall objective of product and safety awareness has been successful in opening doors and starting key conversations among the sales team with prospective customers. By and large, the UltraBrasion™ wear indicator has become a true differentiator for Gates in the oilfield market and has brought attention to a key preventive maintenance issue and provides a easy to use, safety solution.

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