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As one of the leading business insurers in the world, Aon helps its clients identify potential pitfalls in business around the world, and then helps them find ways to sidestep possible trouble through changes in business practices or through business insurance. Our challenge was to use RIMS (Risk and Insurance Management Society Annual Conference and Exhibition) as a place to build their client base, generate at least 10 new high-quality leads, but more importantly, make Aon the talk of the conference.

So what better way to stand out at, than by licensing the board game Risk™ to better demonstrate to prospects and the industry the many ways in which Aon manages risk? Eight weeks before the show, we sent a mini replica of the Risk game box to 1,800 pre-registered attendees. The mailer included an invitation to the Aon booth, a Risk-style game card that placed each attendee on one of six color-coded teams, small army-figurine game pieces from the Risk board game, and an “Official Aon Risk at RIMS 2006 Manual.” It also explained how attendees could earn points for their teams by completing various tasks at the show, including visiting the booth to participate in an interactive-map activity. The team that earned the most points at the show would be eligible to win one of several prizes, such as a pair of round-trip airline tickets anywhere in the world and one of 100 GPS locators.

Guerrilla marketing tactics included Aon-sponsored coffee service at several locations around the exhibit hall, with cups that featured tear-off tabs to earn more points. Street teams also handed out cards containing points to attendees walking near the convention center.

Prospects were greeted by one of four booth ambassadors and asked a few qualifying questions. From there, the ambassadors lead them to an 8-by-10-foot motion-activated interactive map projected on the floor of Aon’s 20-by- 40-foot booth. By stepping on one of the boxes on the map, attendees activated pop-up messages projected onto the floor that contained risk information about the corresponding region, along with risk-management solutions offered by Aon.

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