The Society of Actuaries (SOA)

Breathing new life into a brand rooted in history and excellence.



The Society of Actuaries (SOA) was in need of a brand refresh in order to stay current with the times and to better articulate it’s mission and differentiated offerings to its 25,000+ global membership base. Our charge was to create a powerful, differentiating new brand—starting with a new logo—and ultimately a new visual and verbal voice for their brand. We also had to position the SOA as the leading global professional actuarial organization as an entity that was trusted by leaders of business and candidates to advance actuarial knowledge and the profession around the world.


Designed back when the SOA was founded, the biggest problem with their seal-style logo was that it wasn’t digitally friendly. After an extensive audit of their competitor’s logos, we discovered that several of the marks were mainly initials of the organization and didn’t contain any specific meaning or symbolism. Based on that, we set out to design a logo mark that symbolizes the concept that the SOA is continually evolving to produce forward-thinking and professional development opportunities. Dubbed the “infinity shield” the mark represents a strong, fortified foundation, bound by standards and principles that advance the interests of all its members.

As our competitive print and online ad audit revealed that most of SOA’s competitors used boring and clichéd imagery, we saw this as an opportunity to “humanize” the SOA by using people in a big way. Communicate the feeling of a modern brand on the move, a dynamic and progressive organization with great intelligence and integrity—starting with a new logo that symbolizes strength and trust, elements such as arrows that personify advancement, and colors, fonts and photography that feel warm and full of personality, not stodgy or staged.


Cohesive and thoughtfully designed, the new brand—supported by a new logo, positioning, brand essence and personality and value propositions, which have been memorialized in new set of visual identity guidelines. A special brand launch landing page was also created to communicate the new brand to its 25,000+-membership base. As a result SOA is now better able to better articulate mission to its members, prospective candidates as well as leaders of business and the public around the world.


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