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Category: Integrated

Society of Actuaries

Elevating an organization through the unique “brand” of its members

The challenge

After several years of prioritizing the marketing of its individual tracks and credentials on a “product” level, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) was ready to shift gears and focus more on its brand from an organizational level. Our challenge, then, was to create an overarching campaign that would elevate the SOA brand as a whole, distancing it from its competitors while bolstering the perceived value of an SOA credential and education among employers, faculty, students and candidates.

Our insight

In working with the SOA and its membership for nearly seven years, we’ve come to understand them as individuals of exceptionally high intelligence, working to solve complex challenges of risk across the world of business.

We realized that, by positioning the Society of Actuaries as the home of the “elite problem solver,” we could begin to personify the brand, giving it lift via its distinguished members who happen to be enormously talented people doing extraordinary things around the globe.

So we created a campaign titled “Society of …” and, replacing “Actuaries” with words like “Leaders,” “Problem Solvers” and “Researchers,” we created a device that allowed us to associate these ideas with the people of SOA and, ultimately, the SOA brand.

The campaign was executed via an integrated program that included high-end direct mail targeted at VIP audiences, faculty and students; a comprehensive digital media push blanketing the U.S., Canada and Asia; and the launch of a new podcast series. But it was the centerpiece of the campaign—the microsite—where the “Society of …” truly came to life. There, we showcased all of the rich content we created for the campaign and told the unique stories of SOA actuaries and the organization they call home. The highlight is a video series documenting the real-life “rock stars” of the SOA—members with extraordinary life and professional stories to tell.

The results

The campaign is just getting underway, but the ads are resonating with the audiences we targeted via programmatic advertising, delivering a dramatically lower CPC than previous efforts. And our microsite is seeing positive results with a jump in post-click behavior, with a 47% increase in pages viewed and a 30% increase in time spent on the site.

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