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A visionary approach to engage the C-Suite

The challenge

After a major investment to become the first provider of a complete retail platform and store forecasting system, RedPrairie wanted high-level executives at major retail chains to know the company had created a better way to help ensure the right products were in the right stores at the right times. But, because RedPrairie wasn’t then wellknown in the retail industry, a creative approach was needed to capture these executives’ attention. The goal was to generate meetings with the company’s top 200 prospects, and spark conversations with 3,500 other retail executives.

Our insight

Because c-level executives are driven, accomplished people, our approach was designed to appeal to them by tapping into their passion for success and their desire to create a retail legacy. For each of the top 200 prospects, we created a framed mock magazine cover that featured a mosaic portrait of the executive with the cover line, “Retail Visionary of the Year.” These were sent, along with professional letters, in FedEx boxes to bypass any gatekeepers and so that RedPrairie’s sales force would know exactly when the packages arrived so there could be immediate follow-up.

We engaged the remaining 3,500 prospects with a series of personalized postcards over the course of a month, driving to customized landing pages offering a white paper series called “Retail Realities.”

The results

Despite the campaign happening in December (one of the busiest times of the year in the retail industry), our efforts garnered a 93% response rate among the top 200 prospects, resulting in two scheduled meetings. Anecdotally, the inside sales representative making calls said the follow-up weeks were her “best weeks of the year,” and the executives she reached were delighted with what they had received. Among the 3,500 second-tier prospects, 119 visited the RedPrairie website, with 14 using their personalized URLs.

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