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Category: Brand


Using the past to help PRA explore a bright new future

The challenge

With over 25 offices, AlliedPRA is the largest destination management company (DMC) network in the United States—and they’re on the move, rapidly expanding into new, larger markets. And to support this growth-centric business strategy, AlliedPRA began to adopt new services and offerings beyond those of a typical DMC. With these added capabilities and expanding business, AlliedPRA was looking to move into the future as a unified company with a singular brand.

Our Insight

Our deep dive into the brand with stakeholder and current/prospective client interviews led us and AlliedPRA to the realization that the PRA aspect of their name was too valuable to lose. There was too much historical brand recognition with its connection to the founder, Patti Roscoe. Long-term clients started their AlliedPRA relationship with Patti, but new clients, prospects and acquired companies were missing the name’s connection to the past. To make this work—to create a PRA that reflected the things that made it great as well as what kept its employees inspired for the future—we knew we’d need to make sure that everyone was involved at every stop along the way.

The results

In order to bridge that gap, we kept the PRA name, but gave it a fresh, new meaning to convey the values of the organization: Passion. Reach. Authenticity. A new logo was developed as part of the brand refresh to communicate the forward progress and growth of the company as it moves into the future. Finally, we developed a new tagline, Experience Anywhere, that further communicates the reach and possibilities of PRA’s services.

We further augmented their revitalized brand with a refreshed color palette, a new look and feel, updated messaging and positioning—all in a way that not only recalls but builds off of PRA’s past to usher them into a fresh new place. We then launched this identity with an overhauled website designed to showcase their new look and feel while also driving new sales, as well as a new video to help tell PRA’s story to the industry and to prospective customers.

The results of all our work, in conjunction with PRA’s first step into the world with their newer, more contemporary identity, met with tremendous positive feedback—from the managed travel industry as well as PRA’s employee network. They encountered their first test—a large industry trade show—as a shared brand that included everyone and left them feeling energized to take on the future for their exciting new company.

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