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The challenge

Looking to optimize sales efforts and capitalize on growth opportunities in core vertical markets, LG Commercial Displays—the B2B arm of LG Electronics—challenged us to help them develop and implement a communications strategy aimed at building awareness and driving demand for its digital signage. LG identified three priority verticals—Retail, Hospitality and Corporate—where they specifically wanted to recreate existing PDF-format “lookbooks” into highly interactive digital assets for the web. And later, a fourth key growth vertical, Thin Client, along with Retail and Corporate, would be the target of a robust marketing automation program.

Our insight

Following a deep dive into the LG Commercial Displays business, a competitive audit, stakeholder interviews, along with key interviews with leading industry experts, we understood that in order to differentiate LG from its competitors, we needed to move them away from product and tech/specs, and toward customer-first, benefit-focused, industry-leadership content. This drove not only the language, but the tactics we used—leading to a content marketing strategy that took each unique audience on a journey from awareness to consideration to decision, with content that matched each stage of the funnel.

We began with the creation of a dynamic, interactive Virtual Showroom to highlight what will ultimately be 13 industry verticals. A sales tool at heart, the Virtual Showroom is a highly experiential place for resellers, distributors and decision makers to see LG Commercial Displays in action. Using custom 3D illustration, we created a virtual LG “city” replete with a Hotel, Retail space and Corporate environment—and plenty of room to grow—bringing the high-level benefits and value propositions of LG Commercial Displays in these spaces to life. Users are able to navigate through each vertical by way of individual scenes, viewing featured products and valuable content along the way, such as case studies, videos, sell sheets and more.

With foundational content being built across key verticals, we turned our focus to demand generation, starting with top-of-funnel pieces for Retail, Thin Client and Corporate. Customer-focused and thought-leadership in nature, this content, along with accompanying emails and landing pages delivered via marketing automation, worked to provide the industry with LG’s knowledge and unique perspective on a timely challenge in the space, while mid-level content established the brand’s connection to the solution. Working within LG brand standards, we gave each vertical a dedicated color, imagery and design treatment, creating a consistent, templated structure that allowed for quick implementation and optimization across businesses while still providing flexibility and creativity for unique content within each program.

The results

The Virtual Showroom was the talk of the town at LG Commercial Display’s annual meeting in South Korea in the fall of 2018. Marketers from around the globe wanted to know who was responsible for spearheading and creating it, and how they could get it translated into their country’s language. We’ve already been asked to add the remaining verticals—up to 10 additional markets in 2019.

And our marketing automation efforts have begun to pay off. Initial metrics for our first two verticals have 20% email open rates overall for the Retail audience and nearly 23% for Thin Client. When it comes to landing page registration to access LG’s thought leadership content, we saw higher-than-industry-average form submission rates of 26% for Retail top-of-funnel and 19% for mid-funnel content, and 18% for Thin Client top-of-funnel and 17% for mid-funnel, respectively. Together, we’re working with LG to optimize and continue to build on the success of the campaign for 2019.

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