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The largest global professional actuarial organization, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) launched its General Insurance Fellowship track in 2013. Designed with the newest generation of property-casualty actuaries in mind, this track was created to give actuaries the skills and knowledge required to answer today’s most pressing general insurance challenges. Our challenge? To drive awareness and preference among students, candidates, university faculty and employers in a market heretofore dominated by a single player—the only other society providing this educational offering until the SOA created its track— while increasing exam registration.


The SOA’s approach to its General Insurance curriculum—which features the most up-to-date methodologies, innovative e-learning modules for hands-on experience, and of-the-moment topics such as cyber risk and predictive analytics—offers a truly unique take on the field.

With this understanding, our creative strategy was born. Using bold perspectives, interesting contrasts, dynamic imagery and a sense of movement, we communicated the “fresh perspective” that the General Insurance track encompasses. We used modern and colorful portraits to bring a strong sense of reality and humanity to the campaign along with a visual “flip” to the imagery that offered a sense of surprise to the viewer, further reinforcing the unique perspective the SOA provides.

Bringing this strategy to life involved a fully integrated campaign—from the creation of a showpiece interactive infographic, VIP employer direct mail piece pre-loaded with interactive video, documentary-style candidate profile videos, print and digital media, dedicated landing page, email and direct mail to faculty, and more.


Our initial efforts in 2014 resulted in 2.9 million online impressions among college students in fields that were likely to be interested in a career in actuarial science like math and statistics. We continued our efforts to generate awareness among future general insurance candidates through 2015 and 2016, and found that the SOA saw a 42% increase in candidates registering for the first General Insurance exam. We also significantly increased understanding of the General Insurance track’s benefits among potential employers of GI candidates by delivering 1.6 million impressions, resulting in a 160% increase in SOA website traffic.

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