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Inside Idea Labs

Engaging prospects online with insider ingredient innovation

The challenge

Ingredion, an ingredient solutions company, has a broad portfolio of innovative ingredients and a global team of experts ready to help customers create consumer-winning foods, beverages, personal care products and more.

Ingredion also works closely with its customers to formulate and scale up new products in its 28 global Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers. The science-based problem solving offered at these centers provides real value to Ingredion customers and sets Ingredion apart from its competitors.

Ingredion wanted a way to put its Ingredion Idea Labs® science-based problem solving and content in front of not only existing customers, but prospective customers as well. The goal was to reach new prospects, while cementing Ingredion’s position as the market leader in innovation — the ingredient supplier that was also constantly thinking of new ways to help food and beverage manufacturers overcome their challenges.

Our Insight

From previous content marketing and lead-nurture campaigns run by Slack, Ingredion had a large collection of content that provided valuable information to Ingredion’s target audience — infographics with consumer insights, starter formulations, informational videos and more. Much of this content could be found online, but there was no central hub where customers and prospects could go to tap into Ingredion expertise, like they could at the Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers around the world.

So we created one. INSIDE IDEA LABS™ are a series of segment-specific “virtual labs” designed to replicate actually visiting an Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation center. Anchored by supporting content, both existing and created specifically for these interactive online labs, INSIDE IDEA LABS™ allow users to easily find the solutions and expertise they need and become immersed in the Ingredion Idea Labs® experience.

The final design was a 3D panorama based off of the real Ingredion Idea Labs® innovation centers. Content in each lab is divided into six topical areas, easily identifiable via bright green “hotspots,” and an instructional video and basic navigational tools make it easy for visitors to find the content that they’re looking for. The labs also all include links to contact Ingredion for further help, or to order a sample of an intriguing product.

To get the word out about INSIDE IDEA LABS™, we ran a combination of paid social media and trade publisher advertisements. Using LinkedIn sponsored posts, we drove a narrow but valuable slice of the target audience to the virtual labs on a cost-per-click basis. Through trade publisher ads we were able to reach the publication’s entire visitor base and then use retargeting efforts to continue to highlight the benefits of INSIDE IDEA LABS™ to these prospects with high frequency.

The results

In six months, the U.S./Canada beverage-focused INSIDE IDEA LABS™ attracted more than 3,000 users and 11,000 page views, driven by PR, paid advertising, and social posting. Most visitors explored multiple parts of the lab with an average interaction time of two to three minutes.

The success of the beverage lab has spurred the creation of other INSIDE IDEA LABS™ for additional verticals. The U.S./Canada dairy lab, launched late in 2018, had gathered numerous sales leads for Ingredion by February 2019. The beverage and dairy labs are currently being rolled out and optimized across Ingredion’s global regions, with savory and bakery labs in the works.



page views in 6 months

Average interaction time

2 to 3 minutes

3,000 users

in less than 3 months

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