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Going big with the launch of Google Analytics Premium

The challenge

Google’s incredibly popular (and free) Analytics product was going Premium, and the company wanted our help telling the world. But we needed to demonstrate the value of the new paid program without denigrating the core product, to get people thinking in a new way about analytics in general—and Premium specifically—and how they could use data insights to drive better business decisions. And we needed to do it in a way that felt, well, “Google-y.”

Our Insight

But how do you connect with prospects in a way that doesn’t get overlooked, especially with people who are used to getting frequent emails from you? And how do you convince an audience who already loves your free product to consider a premium one?

Our answer: with an oversized direct mail piece, delivered right to prospects’ desks—not something sent online, like people might expect from Google. We sent a giant pizza box with a big bound book inside, featuring a fun, personalized and Google-y message aimed at enticing 200 of Google’s largest AdWords customers to join an invitation-only Premium pilot. Prospects couldn’t escape the impact of the piece or the message: This was a solution “greater than” anything they’d ever seen, and powerful enough to provide insights into their entire enterprises. 

Next, it was time to share Premium with the rest of the world. Knowing that the industry had been waiting for this product for some time, our strategy was to keep it fun and light. We needed something that would speak directly to the audience, communicating features and benefits in a way that would get them really jazzed about the new product.  

Incorporating real feedback from current and potential customers, and using quirky original music—the kind of jingle that you just can’t get out of your head—we created an animated video in Adobe After Effects that made Premium sing. We then dropped it on YouTube and on a dedicated microsite that featured downloadable product information to help land sales.

The results

The invitation-only direct mail program garnered a goal-shattering 17 new leads, leading us to suspend the direct-mail program in just a matter of weeks. And in just 24 hours the video hit 26,000 views—reaching nearly 65,000 within the first seven days and almost 220,000 views to date.

Social media, blogs and even the competition were all atwitter over the announcement, buzzing with excitement not only about the product but also the way we brought it to market. The video has been reposted on sites such as pcworld.com and techcrunch.com, and produced some 1,100 customer leads in the weeks following the launch.

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