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Category: Brand

GE FieldCore™

Creating a powerhouse brand for GE's new field services company

The challenge

To keep power generation systems humming reliably and efficiently, plant operators depend on expert outsourced field service teams—mobile, onsite engineers and technicians with the specialized know-how to install, service, upgrade and optimize this vital infrastructure.

GE came to us with a challenge: To become even more agile and reliable for customers, GE was planning the launch of a new independent company—creating a global field services powerhouse that would combine the field services arm of GE Power Services with the company’s wholly owned field services execution company, Granite Services. To meet an accelerated launch date, GE needed all the parts in place: a company name, a brand identity, a website and a set of carefully crafted launch materials to communicate the details and advantages of the new company to customers—while inspiring confidence and buy-in from its new employees.

Our insight

Our discovery process revealed that the new company needed to be positioned as a new, better extension of GE, which called for a visual/verbal brand expression that was based on GE elements, yet was recognizably distinct. Through a series of key stakeholder interviews, we developed the unique attributes and personality of the new company and a positioning that reflected the passion, personality and sense of purpose carried by the teams of expert problem-solvers who provide power services around the world.

Guided by the upfront research and brand positioning, we went to work developing scores of potential brand names for the new company. This process ultimately led to a unique name, FieldCore™, that reflects the field-based nature of the work and its core importance to the success of customers. We followed this step with logo design process, arriving at a unique mark that works well in a number of applications from embroidered shirts to vehicle signage.

The results

Thanks to careful messaging and an array of internal communications pieces including an inspiring new website, brand launch video, employee presentations and an infographic, employee reaction was overwhelmingly positive. And with a comprehensive brand identity system, FieldCore™ marketers now have a communications framework to take their company’s story to their markets and the world.

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