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Category: Demand

Gates Corporation

A solution for what’s wearing on at Mining Managers minds

The Challenge

Continuous mining can be one of the most challenging and dangerous industries to work in, let alone try to operate a profitable business. Our goal was to help Gates empathize with managers and maintenance managers of continuous mining operations throughout the U.S. and Canada on the serious productivity, profitability and safety issues they’re confronted with daily—and demonstrate to them that Gates had the products and knowhow to help.

Our Insight

Through some primary research, we discovered that unexpected hydraulic hose failures are a huge cause of downtime. More importantly, those failures are dangerous problems for mining managers and their workers as they account for 9% of onsite injuries—with 1% of those serious or fatal.

Based on our discovery work, we built a marketing automation campaign focused on those pain points, with content assets including an animated case study, infographic, conversion guide, brochure and, the centerpiece of the effort, a demo kit.

We knew Gates products were superior to the popular, cheaper competitor, so what better way to demonstrate this than with a demo kit that contained a Gates hose, a competitor's hose and a file so recipients could conduct their own abrasion tests on the spot?

Leveraging a list we generated, we focused on the potential “whale” accounts, and sent 200 demo kit mailers to mine managers and maintenance supervisors across North America.

Rounding out the effort, we set the stage for success by creating a sales training presentation for the Gates sales team to increase their knowledge of the continuous mining end market and better qualify leads.

The results

The program was well received both internally and externally as one of the most captivating and engaging campaigns Gates had executed to date. As a result, the program generated over 400 leads in a nine-month period, which resulted in a conversion rate of 43%.



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