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Building preference for a better breed of paper shredders

The challenge

As the leading brand of paper shredders among businesses worldwide, Fellowes saw a threat in the rise of look-alike, knockoff brands. Fellowes' jam-proof innovation (and its Slack-created IMC program) was such a success that competitors began to introduce so-called anti-jamming shredders and copy the look and feel of Fellowes’ advertising. So Fellowes needed an integrated approach that could reinforce its premium position and drive a deeper wedge between itself and the me-too competitors.

Our insight

We quickly realized that the best way to accomplish these objectives was to emphasize those highly ownable and proprietary elements that only Fellowes could claim, starting with its unmatched product performance. Combining breakthrough anti-jamming and safety innovations with superior build quality, its shredders had earned high praise from users, including a long list of glowing reviews on Amazon.com that averaged 4.8 out of 5 stars. We saw an opportunity to utilize this customer validation in our program, convincing Fellowes to add a reviews section on its website that would pay off our product claims with powerful customer testimonials.

In addition to pushing the innovation of the 100% Jam Proof shredders by showcasing user satisfaction, we saw an opportunity to leverage Fellowes’ metaphor for toughness and durability: Morty, the Fellowes bulldog who had been an iconic part of the company’s logo for years.

Prominently featuring the bulldog to help focus on messages of toughness, durability and reliability, our integrated solution builds visibility and awareness through a range of tactics including a television spot on business cable networks, a 15-second pre-roll video, online ad units, a 30-second radio spot, print and online advertising in the Wall Street Journal and dioramas in several major U.S. airports.

The results

The program has enabled Fellowes shredders to maintain and expand their reputation as the most innovative, durable shredders on the market—and Morty has made the brand more recognizable than ever. Powered by strategic insight and creativity, the integrated program exceeded its goals in influencing perceptions and inspiring action. For example, the pre-roll video click-through rate averaged 1.42%, outperforming the industry benchmark by more than 56%. And across the run of the program, our mobile, out-of-home, search and pre-roll advertising was responsible for pulling more than 57,000 unique visitors to the Fellowes website—an average of more than 1,000 visits a day.

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