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Ingredion, a global ingredients solutions provider, wanted to differentiate itself from the competition by offering a customer experience second to none. The centerpiece of this effort was a new global website that would dramatically improve connectivity, offer a highly customized experience and allow content to be adapted to the offerings and cultures of Ingredion’s regions worldwide.

Slack and Company was involved from the initial planning stage, more than two years ago, through customer research, persona development and selection of the Adobe Experience Manager platform. In late 2015, we embarked on bringing it all to life with design and copy—on an extremely ambitious timeline.


We knew that customers and prospects of Ingredion seek new ideas, consumer trends and real evidence of a supplier’s expertise. And we knew it was critical to showcase Ingredion’s innovation expertise at every turn and craft a distinctive voice and design to differentiate the company from competitors.

To make it easier to do business with Ingredion, we proposed creating a dynamic and responsive experience that would offer personalized content, coordinated with digital tools (such as Eloqua) to nurture customers. We also concluded that the site needed to reflect Ingredion’s new way of speaking to customers, emphasizing their needs relative to consumer and industry trends and linking those needs to Ingredion’s innovation capabilities.

These insights guided both the design and content of the site. On each of several hundred site pages, the story focuses on the customer’s needs and challenges, presenting Ingredion’s capabilities as tools that can be used to solve them. Ingredion’s expertise and innovative solutions are presented in an inviting voice that is fresh, inspired, optimistic and connected. Dynamic content ensures that users in different geographic regions see messaging geared to their needs. The site design uses simplified content panels that stack and rearrange based on screen size. Coordinated color schemes, functional tools and heavy use of images and ambient videos further distinguish the site.


A dramatically different, customized digital experience was launched through the Ingredion corporate and commercial websites by the Dec. 2, 2015 soft launch deadline. The new sites immediately differentiated Ingredion from the competition with a richly responsive experience that showcased Ingredion’s innovation capabilities.

Stakeholders throughout Ingredion are thrilled with the new sites. Not only do they offer consistent global content that supports the Ingredion brand but they allow regions to easily tailor content to their unique needs.

Perhaps most importantly, by the end of February 2016, the new commercial site has generated more than 700 leads, resulting in 18 sales opportunities (vs. 44 leads generated by the old site in all of 2015). The proof, as they say, is in the pudding.


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