GE Transportation
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GE Transportation made a substantial investment in their new Global Performance Optimization Center in Erie, Pennsylvania, and wanted to give tours of the facility to prospective customers. We were brought in to help create digital assets for the tour that are displayed on a number of large-scale screens. The client needed a tool to demonstrate to customers the breadth of the company’s asset-focused software solutions and the potential of data and analytics to optimize business.



In order to accomplish this, we quickly realized we needed to position the Global Performance Optimization Center as the “hub” of GE Transportation software. We also determined they needed to impress visitors, both in scale and in style. Based on that, we decided to tell the story in three parts: two short videos and a touchscreen app. In order to make the tools useful to and customizable by the sales team, we developed all of the digital assets without music or voiceover. Mainly because it allowed anyone at the facility to tell the story in a way that’s most relevant to their audience. For openers, visitors are treated to a 60-inch screen in the entry that covers the history of Global Performance Optimization. Moving on from there, we used a video wall to tell the story of how Global Performance Optimization works, introduces the industrial Internet, and explains the technology, diagnostic approach and closed-loop feedback. Lastly, a huge touch-screen monitor highlights and details locomotive software solutions and allows executives or sales representatives to tailor what they show customers.



The launch of the center was a huge success. The sales team has found the tools to be quite effective and flexible—so much so, in fact, that we are working with the client to develop these same tools online. The effort also landed us a BMA Gold Tower Award.

Touchscreen App

Foyer Video

Animated Video Wall

Command Center Tour

Command Center Touchscreen App