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Building a brand that creates connections

The challenge

Four leading construction industry SaaS providers—iSqFt, CMD, BidClerk and Construction Data—were merging to create one company, leveraging the unique strengths of each to deliver an unmatched network for general contractors, subcontractors and building product manufacturers.

Our challenge was to help the new entity figure out who and what it was—honoring the distinct cultures, strengths and customers of its legacy brands—and to bring that story to life, starting with a unifying name and brand identity.

Our insight

Our discovery effort was considerable, including stakeholder interviews at every company, on every level, and customer and prospect interviews across multiple organizations. We started as consultants, but quickly became confidants—acting as architects of the new brand. As such, we were able to hear and discern things from conversations between the key stakeholders at each organization and their customers that they couldn’t, revealing disconnected cultures and communications around the merger. 

Armed with these insights, we conducted a gap analysis that allowed every stakeholder to understand where the new company was, where it wanted to go and exactly what was needed to get there. This proved to be the missing link—our ability to provide the consultative partnership and strategic foundation for how the new company would ultimately connect the dots, bringing people and technology and cultures together to move the company forward.

Once we had that in place, it enabled us to help create a new name, tagline, logo and brand platform—culminating in a cohesive and connected brand. And what better starting point than the idea of connection? With this, we laid the foundation for ConstructConnect, giving it a voice and identity as unique as the legacy that preceded it. 

The results

Just five months after launching, ConstructConnect was acquired by Roper Technologies for $632 million, with $150 million in revenue forecast for 2017. In its first year, the combined network generated more than 55 million invitations to bid across 400,000 construction projects.

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