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AgroFresh is known for its unique technologies that help ensure the fruit and vegetable harvest reaches consumers in the freshest, most flavorful condition possible. In fact, through its breakthrough 1-MCP innovation, AgroFresh enabled apples to become a year-round industry. Now to keep growing, AgroFresh is extending its freshness science and innovative technologies to serve a wider range of produce segments across the entire value chain. To reflect this enhanced business model, mission and vision, they needed a full brand refresh: enhanced positioning, a value proposition, messaging, brand guidelines, a design system and launch communications that better reflected the company's enhanced capabilities and mission.



Based on the results of our primary research with internal and external stakeholders, we crafted a powerful, differentiated position around the idea of “empowering Smarter Freshness” and used it to anchor business and emotional benefits with all audiences. Beyond just selling products and services—which was the focus of most of AgroFresh’s direct competitors—we created tangible proof points for how AgroFresh is empowering the agriculture industry with Smarter Freshness—a new range of integrated solutions designed to help growers, packers and retailers improve produce freshness and quality for the good of our industry, consumers and the planet.



These and other brand elements were codified into a new, comprehensive brand identity system, which brings the look and feel up-to-date, reflects the human focus and science-based strengths of the company, and provides a cohesive design framework to unify all products and help address specific markets. We then brought this new work to life through a full-scale redesign of their corporate website to better support the new, more cohesive AgroFresh brand.

Additionally, we created several other relaunch materials, including a corporate overview video, a customizable corporate overview presentation, templates for sales materials and more. With this refreshed brand foundation, and the tools to execute it across all media, AgroFresh is prepared to advance the future of freshness for its customers and the world.

We also developed a comprehensive Brand Ambassador program to help educate employees about the power of the refreshed AgroFresh brand and the important role they all play in successfully owning and delivering the brand.

At this point in time, since this launch is extremely current, there are no metrics yet to report, but early anecdotal evidence suggests strong engagement among employees, current partners, potential partners and customers.

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