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Category: Brand


Broadening the brand to advance the future of freshness

The challenge

AgroFresh is known for its unique technologies that help ensure the fruit and vegetable harvest reaches consumers in the freshest, most flavorful condition possible. In fact, through its industry-leading solutions, AgroFresh enabled apples to become a year-round industry. Now to keep growing, AgroFresh is extending its freshness science to serve a wider range of produce segments across the entire value chain. To make this happen, they needed a full brand revision, including messaging, a design system and launch communications, that better reflects the company's enhanced capabilities and mission.

Our insight

Our deep dive led us to recommend unifying their several product sub-brands under a common umbrella solution name, to help frame these solutions as discrete components of the integrated whole. We also uncovered and clarified several underlying strengths of the brand to leverage in messaging and design, including its deep intellectual capital, diversely talented team, high-touch service model and passion for tackling the world's important food waste challenges.

The results

To unify a diverse set of branded solutions as an integrated solutions set, we developed the category of Smarter Freshness as an umbrella descriptor. And to help underscore the mission of the AgroFresh brand, we developed a tagline, Advancing the future of freshness, that helps position the company as a leading-edge player in the field.

These and other brand elements were codified into a new, comprehensive brand identity system, which brings the look and feel up to date, reflects the human focus and science-based strengths of the company, and provides a cohesive design framework to unify all products and help address specific markets. This culminated in a full-scale redesign of their corporate website to better support the new, more cohesive AgroFresh brand.

Additionally, we created several other relaunch materials, including a corporate overview video, a customizable corporate overview presentation, templates for sales materials and more. With this refreshed brand foundation, and the tools to execute it across all media, AgroFresh is prepared to advance the future of freshness for its customers and the world.

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