Inspiring customers to break through

The challenge

After launching a new corporate identity in 2012, Ingredion was on its way to becoming a leading brand in the global ingredient solutions industry. Its advertising was highly regarded and often imitated. At the same time, certain Ingredion regions were straying from the globally-led campaign. Ingredion wanted a new campaign that would align the regions, leave competitors behind and enable greater emphasis on its recently introduced Benefit Platforms, which represent the current food and beverage trends and communicate the areas in which Ingredion creates unique customer value such as CLEAN & SIMPLE, HEALTH & NUTRITION and SENSORY EXPERIENCE.

2014 to 2016 Innovation campaign

Our insights

As a trend-connected engine of innovation, Ingredion offers solutions that were not possible before. We saw an opportunity to inspire customers to break through to these new and better solutions. While the previous campaign was bold and assertive, using headlines such as "Innovate simpler," we asked: How could Ingredion connect with their customers and prospects in a more compelling way, perhaps grabbing them with such things as empathy, ennoblement, even humor? Such an approach meant capturing interest with intriguing questions and very short copy, and directing readers to other assets for more information. This was a dramatic departure for Ingredion, which tended to include multiple messages in its ads.

The results

The new campaign showcases what dedicated minds can bring about in the world through provocative headlines and arresting, sometimes unexpected, imagery. Headlines are often questions, and the copy answers them ever so briefly, directing the reader to more detail with prominent calls to action. The graphic element that holds headlines and copy represents the "ideas to solutions" that customers can only find at Ingredion Idea Labs innovation centers.

The new campaign was introduced at IFT 2017, one of the largest food industry trade shows in the U.S., where it helped Ingredion rank the highest in booth traffic and achieve its key objective of being named the #1 Most Recognized Company for the third consecutive year.

The advertising results were even more exciting. Despite decreased media spending in Q2 2017, the new campaign generated a click-through rate of 1.30%, way above the B2B average of 0.05%* and significantly higher than the 0.48% CTR achieved in Q1 2017 with the previous campaign. The difference of 2.70 or 270% told Ingredion that the creative refresh was just the push its advertising needed.

Importantly, Ingredion’s regions have enthusiastically embraced the new campaign. Armed with updated visual identity standards and a campaign style guide, the regions have adopted several of the U.S. print and online executions in their various languages and created new expressions of the campaign to promote their regional offerings.

* Google Analytics Business & Industrial, 2016