Account Supervisor


Senior Sherpa

The Account Supervisor acts as the primary advocate for the client and the agency. The Account Supervisor ensures that resources assigned to support accounts are managed to deliver the strongest possible support for the client's needs. The Account Supervisor grows and maintains the quality of the client relationship by developing strategic plans and programs, supervising their implementation, and ensuring quality product and driving quality and growth of the account staff, while generating revenue.

Principal accountabilities

In addition to following agency policies and procedures, principal accountabilities include, but are not limited to:

Strategic planning

  • Responsible for account profitability by working with their Account Director and the Director of Client Service to properly staff the account, ensuring the right resources are on or are available to each project, securing and managing budgets, and providing accurate estimates.
  • Acts as the strategic counsel; ensures programs are in line with the short- and long-term business goals.
  • Keeps current with new trends and market conditions.
  • Develops strategic short- and long-term plans, both internally and externally.
  • Develops positioning and long-term plans working with the Account Director and senior agency practice leaders.

Managing people

  • Responsible, along with the Account Director, for recruiting, hiring and evaluating account staff.
  • Promotes employee professional growth by coaching and mentoring; provides in-action and informal training opportunities; provides challenging assignments to staff and ensures staff is ready to meet those challenges.
  • Establishes sound and effective working relationships and resolves conflicts or roadblocks to either the relationship or the completion of assigned projects.
  • Monitors account staff to ensure internal procedures are properly carried out.

Managing client relationships

  • Manages client expectations.
  • Builds strong client relationships with all client contacts to ensure long-term client relationships.
  • Promotes and defends the value that the agency provides to clients.
  • Ensures that final deliverables meet or exceed client expectations.

Fiscal responsibility

  • Responsible for the internal profitability and revenue of the agency; acts as an advisor to ensure that client team is acting most efficiently.
  • Responsible for creating new or expanding on business opportunities within client projects.
  • Builds new business opportunities; markets the agency through networking and selecting viable clients.
  • Actively protects the assets of both the agency and clients.
  • Negotiates and builds agency compensation plans designed to benefit both the client and the agency.

Reports to

  • Account Director


  • Maximizes business results
  • Proactively generates business-building ideas for the client and creates opportunities to expand the agency’s business.

Knowing client’s business.

  • Able to knowledgeably position the agency's product and pricing versus client competitors.
  • Develops and successfully manages business financial plans.
  • Knows client’s business
  • Thoroughly understands and stays current with information about client’s business and competitors.
  • Develops both strategic and tactical solutions to client problems.
  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of client’s internal organization.
  • Correlates what the agency can offer with client needs.


  • Takes responsibility for the performance and results of the team.
  • Inspires people to go above and beyond.
  • Provides leadership direction to client while delivering through project team.
  • Builds relationships within the agency to solve problems.
  • Takes decisive action and reasonable risks based on an informed point of view.


  • Keeps team current on important agency and client information by communicating effectively across all departments within the agency.
  • Consistently demonstrates and models a high level of credibility, authority and professionalism.
  • Actively listens and probes to understand broader agency and client issues and concerns.
  • Efficiently translates client needs while incorporating new ideas and direction into strategy.

Relationship building

  • Builds trusting, long-term partnerships with clients.
  • Manages client relationships by balancing their current wants with long-term needs.
  • Elevates team members and transfers client contact relationships at the appropriate times.
  • Puts the right resource in front of the client at the right time.

Mentoring and developing

  • Seeks and ensures development opportunities for high-potential employees throughout the agency.
  • Ensures that short- and long-term professional development occurs throughout the department.
  • Supports the growth and development of direct reports.
  • Celebrates, recognizes and rewards team and individual triumphs.

Strategic perspective

  • Understands and clearly communicates the agency’s current strategy and vision.
  • Aligns initiatives with clients, market share and financial goals.
  • Knows what the key business priorities are and does not allow others to be distracted from them.
  • Thinks strategically as well as tactically and takes a “big picture" perspective of the company.

Maximizing business performance

  • Applies strong financial knowledge to business decisions.
  • Recommends opportunities to make the agency more efficient and competitive.
  • Will not sacrifice long-term results for the sake of short-term gains.
  • Carefully considers cost/benefit issues before making financial decisions.
  • Gets to the right price/value relationship for the agency.

Decision making/direction setting

  • Makes the tough decisions that keep people focused on results.
  • Establishes priorities and provides detailed goals, expectations and performance standards to employees.
  • Anticipates needed resources and takes steps to ensure that they are available before goals are jeopardized.
  • Takes decisive risks, learns from mistakes and accepts consequences.
  • Relates important decisions and actions to the big picture.

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