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Whither might we be bound?

Whither might we be bound?

Slack and Company | June 1, 2017

What might our B2B agency look like in five years?

That was the question put to me and four other B2B agency CEOs by our mutual friend Bob James, a savvy former marketer at Freeman and the publisher of a well-regarded blog called Goodly (it had been The Mighty Copywriter for many years).

Here's what I said:

What will we look like in five years?

We're going to be much more diverse.

Mirroring clients, more people with engineering, science and software backgrounds. A data scientist or two and even people with nutrition, life sciences and other technical training.

Practically everyone will be coders. “Growth hacker,” a term emerging from Silicon Valley, will describe more of us.

More people who see themselves as marketing technologists.

More experiential specialists, as events, private and public, are only going to grow.

More B2B e-commerce experts (although we already have four), as this area will boom and bloom big time.

More B2B sales and marketing strategy experts. We’ve already taken some of this kind of work from McKinsey.

Probably a professional comedian or two to create “edutainment” to capture more attention and interest. Look at what Tim Washer has done for Cisco. Hiring journalists for content will be old hat.

More history majors. They just “get” the outside world better.

More senior women, although we’re not doing badly.

More African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, Indians and Muslims. All to better mirror B2B buyers and clients.

Not just homegrown diversity. More people coming our way from exchange programs with the 30 members of WorldwideB2BPartners, our global B2B agency network.

For sure, no prima donnas, jerks or worse. Actually, we're already pretty good here by hiring team players and asking every new employee to read Choosing Civility.

As many dreamers and woolgatherers as we can find.

And, finally, a bunch more slackers. We just can’t get enough of ‘em!


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