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Tune In to the Most Interesting Man In Marketing

Tune In to the Most Interesting Man In Marketing

Slack and Company | July 27, 2017

Former adman Terry O’Reilly casts a spell every week with his “Under the Influence” radio show.

I am always one of the first people to arrive Saturday mornings at the Evanston Farmers’ Market. (No young kids and very little Friday evening carousing these days!)

After securing a nearby parking space to minimize the back and forth with fruits, vegetables and flowers, I tune in at 6:30am to a wonderful half-hour WBEZ-FM radio show on marketing, “Under the Influence,” hosted by a former adman, Terry O’Reilly.

Of course, you can listen to O’Reilly’s show any time by going to his website or subscribing to each year’s series on iTunes.

Now in its sixth year, the carefully researched show, brought to us by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC), examines a different marketing topic each week—always fascinating and often about consumer marketing and behavior. But that’s okay because, whether b2c- or b2b-focused, we’re still all marketers.

Some of my favorite recent episodes:

Last year, O’Reilly turned his attention to business-to-business marketing and advertising. In this episode, entitled “Business As Unusual: The World of Business-to-Business Advertising,” he focuses on the now well-established trend of using humor and shock-and-awe video to better connect and influence b2b buyers.

While listening to this episode, I felt like he and his researcher must have come across some of my presentations, or some global BMA conference presentations, as he used examples I often use—Tim Washer’s humor-embedded video work for Cisco and the jaw-dropping Jean-Claude Van Damme video work for Volvo Construction Equipment.

At any rate, O’Reilly makes some very interesting points about how far b2b marketing has come in recent years. Very much worth listening to as are all of his episodes.

No question, I am truly “under the influence”—sometimes while still driving to the farmers’ market!

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