Google Data Studio Offers an Omnichannel Reporting Solution

Google Data Studio Offers an Omnichannel Reporting Solution

Slack and Company | October 5, 2016

Small to mid-size B2B marketers now have an option for tracking their omnichannel campaigns

As the hype cycle for “Big Data” peaks in marketing discussions, many B2B marketers, particularly those working for small to mid-size businesses (SMB), are struggling to find affordable tools that will allow them to take advantage of the data sources they already have at hand. This is particularly true for marketers that are attempting to take advantage of the performance promise of omnichannel communications.   

The key challenge most marketers face when working with omnichannel campaigns is not the ability to target users across multiple touch points—technology for this task is well established and available through a plethora of platforms and services. The challenge, however, is in measuring the results of these combined touch-points all the way to conversion and value. While there are many platforms out there that specifically help with this task, most-if not all-are beyond the budgetary constraints of the average SMB marketer.  

With the release earlier this year of Google Data Studio, SMB marketers now have a “free”-up to 5 ongoing reports, anyway-resource that can theoretically tie omnichannel data from impression all the way to conversion on a very affordable (free) platform.   

So what is Google Data Studio? Google Data Studio (GDS) is a complementary product to Google Analytics (GA) that allows users to create detailed custom reports from GA data combined with an unlimited set of external data sources.   

The key thing that makes Google Data Studio so helpful is that it allows us as marketers to combine unlimited external data sources with the raw data provided by Google Analytics. GA had always given us the ability, in theory, to track web visitors all the way to online conversion. However, the historical challenge to budget sensitive B2B SMB marketers has always been the lack of easy combination of GA data with other disparate data sources. This is where DIY omnichannel reporting has typically failed. It was just too difficult to tie your ad server impression and click data with your web analytics and your CRM pipeline reporting.   

But this is the true promise for B2B SMB marketers in Google Data Studio. In allowing each report to combine the Google Analytics data with unlimited external data sets, marketers can now directly combine GA data with third party ad server impression data and CRM pipeline reporting data in order to create a full view of prospects and customers from impression through conversion. Additionally, data from webinars, trade shows, events, and any other place you collect prospect and customer leads and activity can be integrated in to this singe reporting interface. 

While the learning curve in connecting the data for omnichannel reporting is challenging, SMB B2B marketers now have an affordable tool that is up to the task. 

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