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Everyone loves a good six-part series!

Everyone loves a good six-part series!

Slack and Company | July 19, 2018

Remember diligently tuning in at the same time to the same channel, week after week, to catch up on your favorite TV show?

Once a mainstay of American life, that hallowed, weekly ritual has—thanks to Netflix, Hulu and other online media giants—begun to go the way of Blockbuster and the VHS tape. Rather than wait patiently for regular weekly releases, we now have the ability to watch entire seasons of our favorite shows all at once. And we’re all for it.

Pictured: What it feels like to accidentally spend eight hours watching “The Blue Planet”

Tired of having to wait for the content you care about? Done with all the hunting around and searching for the insights that interest you? Then you’re in luck!

Our six-part series on the foundations of seamless B2B brand and demand generation—a step-by-step look at what makes our approach to B2B marketing so special—is now available in one central location for your reading pleasure.

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Here’s a quick synopsis of what we have on offer:

  • See why we believe in the power of a strong, differentiated B2B brand—especially when it comes to getting results from demand generation—in Part I.
  • Explore the secrets to agency-client success—immersion, mutual respect and great relationships—in Part II.
  • Learn about how we can help you reach the right buyer throughout the entire buy cycle in Part III.
  • See how our creative approach to B2B advertising is different than you might be used to in Part IV.
  • Understand the role that digital strategy plays in every part of our organization in Part V.
  • And bring it all home with a look at how we leverage media to help your ideas get results in Part VI.

Read through it piece by piece on your way to work. Or, get totally wrapped up to the point that your neighbors start asking the police to check in on you. That’s up to you.

But one thing’s for sure: If you’re interested in a different approach to powerful, connected B2B marketing, this is one series you won’t want to miss.

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