What’s a Slacker?

Thought leaders. Blog readers. Creative thinkers. Coffee drinkers. We’re also idea sellers and storytellers. And best of all: We’re different. Sort of like that kale/meatball thing we tried for lunch yesterday, or the band Paul McCartney played in before Wings, Slack and Company is truly more than the sum of its parts. But our "parts" are pretty interesting too. Just click a photo below to learn more about one of our illustrious leaders.

  • Gary Slack
    Founder, Chief Experience Officer
  • Gayle Novak
    EVP, Director of Client Experience, Partner
  • Ron Klingensmith
    EVP, Chief Creative Officer, Partner
  • Kelley Fead
    EVP, Director of Brand Strategy, Partner
  • Rich Dettmer
    EVP, Director of Digital Strategy, Partner
  • Terry McDermott
    VP, Media Director
  • Matt Finizio
    VP, Group Creative Director
  • Mike Ritt
    VP, Associate Creative Director/Content Strategist

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Yes, we try to act nonchalant about winning awards. But we're definitely not too cool to feel tingly all over whenever that happens. (Which, as you'll see, is quite often.)