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In 2012, GE introduced the idea of the "Industrial Internet," a vision for a world that connects machines, people and data to eliminate waste, avoid unplanned downtime and take operational efficiency to a new level. As part of this effort, GE Power Generation Services (PGS) developed two new offerings for upgrading and optimizing GE gas turbines: FlexEfficiency Advantage for F-Series turbines, and LifeMax Advantage for B/E-Class turbines.

GE PGS was launching these services to Asia and the Middle East in fall 2013, and they were planning a major presence at POWER-GEN Asia plus private customer events throughout Asia and the Middle East. They wanted a compelling experience at the trade show, plus modular, interactive elements that could be repurposed at their more intimate private events.


Through our research, we revealed that companies that generate power care about six basic things: turbine availability, reliability, emissions, efficiency, flexibility and output. Depending on their applications, they prioritize some of these goals over others, and there are tradeoffs in doing so. FlexEfficiency Advantage and LifeMax Advantage let customers customize their solution by choosing from a range of different software and hardware options.

This lead us our theme—“Gain an Advantage,” which played off the product names to demonstrate these solutions give customers the ultimate advantage for “powering ahead” to meet their goals.

In order to really bring the flexibility story to life, we created an app for the GE product experts to demonstrate the customizability of FlexEfficiency and LifeMax Advantage based on a customers specific needs. Users first selected their turbine type, and then they adjusted the 6 key drivers on a spider graph to show the priority of their goals. Each driver had three pieces of content, ranging from product videos to case studies to fact sheets and contact capturing module that tied directly in to their customer lead database.


The power generation market in Asia and the Middle East is not large, in terms of number of companies. But each one has huge buying power. The majority of the big players that GE wanted to engage came either to POWER-Gen Asia or to a GE private event, and executives report that the interactive and modular nature of the elements we created were pivotal in helping customers understand the power of partnering with GE.

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