Sipi Metals Corp.

Redefining and realigning three distinct businesses into one differentiated brand.



With a 115-year track record, Chicago-based Sipi Metals Corporation is a global leader in reclaiming/recycling the precious metals locked in manufacturing scrap, as well as a leading producer of brass and bronze used by industry and artist foundries alike.

In 2015, it expanded its offerings by acquiring Belmont Technology Remarketing, devoted to helping companies manage the data security, environmental and regulatory issues of disposing of obsolete computers and other office technologies.

Now with three main businesses who serve distinctly different markets, Sipi needed an all-new web presence that unified its units under the corporate Sipi umbrella while allowing each business unit its own unique messaging. And of course, we needed to update and recraft all site content; provide ample opportunities to captures leads; and create a responsive design to enable easy browsing on mobile devices.


Our discovery process revealed vastly different buying criteria between the company's three business offerings. Precious metals customers require utmost confidence that they're getting all the value back from their scrap materials; copper alloys buyers want highest yields and reliable, fast delivery; and asset recovery customers need easy project tracking and complete peace of mind that their data is protected and the regulation have been followed. So to accommodate these different needs and messages, we conceived a site that provides distinct home pages and sets of detail pages for each business unit, all under the master corporate site.

Of course we needed to help make the site a more valuable source of leads, so prominent calls to action—including an ever-present tab on the right-hand side of every page—provide direct pathways for prospects to get in touch. Plus, extensive SEO optimization was baked into the site structure and design to improve organic reach.

In addition, to reflect the audiences' evolving web habits, the site design is fully responsive for mobile phones and tablets. And to enable efficient in-house updating and expansion, the site is built on a CMS (content management system) platform.


With modernized site that accommodates its three different business units, Sipi now has a robust marketing platform that can serve as a central hub for customer engagement. And importantly, initial metrics reveal that the site is drawing and engaging far more prospects than before, with the number of unique users rising by about 300% and session duration up by 160%.


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