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Scot Forge transforms raw metals into precision components used in everything from shipbuilding to space exploration. Differentiated by its unique employee-owned structure, modern facilities and end-to-end capabilities, they are an acknowledged leader in their industry. Yet facing competition from lower-cost competitors, Scot Forge needed ways to convert initial customer interest into more actual sales.



Discussion with the Scot Forge customer-facing sales team uncovered a key fact: Once a prospect takes a tour of the state-of-the-art production facilities, and meets the dedicated people behind the machinery, they're usually sold on the value of Scot Forge. However, because Scot Forge's main facility is located in a remote rural location, expecting prospects to travel to plant is not always an option. So to help bring prospects in to see the plant—even from a continent away—we created a full series of plant tour videos for the Scot Forge website covering eleven key production areas plus an overview video.

Navigating via a stylized plant floor plan, visitors can click on the relevant areas to see a short video highlighting the corresponding metalcrafting technology. And because its employee-owners are an important advantage for Scot Forge, we recommended that each video be hosted by the actual teams who work the specialized machinery and deliver the outstanding service that helps set the company apart.



In its first several months of going live, the plant tour module has proved to be a hit with prospects, rapidly rising to become one of the most popular areas of the newly-redesigned website. And reports from the sales team confirm that the engaging video tours are referenced often by new customers and prospects, indicating that the videos are fulfilling their promise as a valuable selling tool.

Plant tour landing page

Scot Forge Plant Tour


Preview video



Forge overview video



Heat treat video



Non destructive testing video