GE Predictivity
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When GE's Power Generation Services launched two data-driven gas turbine upgrade packages under the "GE Predictivity" banner, they wanted a way to demonstrate that packages could be completely customized. They tasked us to create an engaging interactive experience showcasing how GE's offerings could help customers improve six major variables in power generation: flexibility, availability, emissions, reliability, efficiency and output. Inspired by the "Brayton web," a chart showing the dynamic relationships among the six outcomes, we created an interactive radar chart allowing users to select the outcomes most important to them. Users were then served two pieces of content for their top two selections, which ranged from case study videos to infographics about particular solutions. Users could then request further information. This interactive experience was first displayed on an 80" screen at industry event Power-Gen Asia, run from a tablet. We also formatted it for the Web, so that it can play a key role in their story of providing total lifecycle solutions.

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GE Predictivity interactive app