Elevance Renewable Sciences

Responding with a better online experience



Elevance Renewable Sciences, makers of superior-performing, renewable chemical ingredients, had spent the past few years expanding its commercially available product lines and building new production facilities to meet global demand. In 2014, they turned their attention to generating leads and product sales through an improved website. Our objective was twofold: 1) turn a company information website with an emphasis on explaining their unique science into one that also helped customers find relevant product information more easily, and 2) create a responsive site to engage users on tablets and mobile devices as well as computers. Since Slack and Company had recently created a new look and feel for the Elevance brand, it was important to bring that to life in the updated site as well.


Navigability was a key concern with the previous site: It took no less than four clicks for users to find market-specific products. So, the first thing our digital strategy team recommended was to add a “products” button to the main navigation. That way users could go directly to a product lines page or use the “choose market” menu on the homepage as they had in the past—but see related products on the second click. Since product information and sampling are critical to product formulators, we also provided quick access to technical data information and requests for samples. Other recommendations included redesigning product pages to accommodate cross-sell and changing the current gating system to dramatically decrease spam and improve lead quality.


The new site was launched in August 2015 to enthusiastic reviews from Elevance and its customers. The responsiveness of the new site was a great relief to Elevance. as they had been getting a 60% bounce rate from mobile visitors. With a responsive, mobile-friendly design, greatly improved access to product information, expanded cross-sell opportunities, and a newly brand-compliant look/feel, the Elevance website is now ready to serve as a central hub for all of the company's marketing efforts.