Gates Corporation - Meat Processing Campaign

Using end-market insights to fuel leads.



Gates Corporation, a global leader in advanced power transmission and fluid power, wanted to broaden their reach and opportunities in meat processing applications and increase sales for Gates superior products and solutions. What was needed was a robust integrated campaign that would identify with customer pain points while offering a new and better way forward.


An initial market profile of meat processing, including such factors as published market statistics and in-depth interviews, revealed end-market insights that could powerfully link Gates offerings to customer needs. Our awareness of facility managers’ constant and serious challenges—unnecessary maintenance, costly downtime, plus product contamination risks—helped us identify the things keeping them up at night. Offering ways to alleviate those problems meant our target audiences could soon focus on becoming heroes within their organizations instead.

Armed with data on how much money facilities were losing annually to downtime and contamination issues, we developed an overarching marketing automation lead nurture program targeting prospective influencers and decision-makers from our custom-built prospect database. The core message of the campaign compared the status quo (dealing with messy, high-maintenance chain drive systems) in contrast to a better way forward (converting to cleaner, low-maintenance plastic synchronous belt drives).

Large prospects also received a unique dimensional direct mail piece that compared a competitors roller chain against a Gates PolyChain® belt. The stark visual comparison would help to prove the superior benefits of Gates products in environments where there is no room for contamination due to product maintenance.


Together, our collective efforts with Gates allowed them to effectively realign their brand as the one-stop solution for all of meat processing’s power transmission and fluid power needs. In Q4 alone, there was a 13% growth rate in consumption of marketing-provided collateral—helping to drive a 45% funnel conversion rate.

Challenger Presentation: Poultry

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Challenger Presentation: Beef

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Animated Case Study | Poultry

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