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About Slack and Company

The shortest
distance from

In a world overrun with information, we believe there's a shorter path to success. To break through in a meaningful way, you need to tap into what makes your brand uniquely human. Identify the most important ways it matters to the people who matter to you. And spark their attention, imagination and interest with ideas that resonate not only in their heads, but also in their hearts. So that in the unlimited world of choices out there, they choose you. That's the shortest distance from b to b. And through a mix of strategic branding and demand generation, it's what we work to discover and create for our client partners, every day.



Featured work

CASE Construction Dire States

Integrated Campaign




Brand Activation

Integrated Campaign


Integrated Campaign


Integrated Campaign

Services and capabilities

Broad expertise, for well-focused strategies.

Our approach to solving complex business marketing challenges starts with a 100% media-
and solution-neutral approach—made possible by our expertise across the entire range
of marketing disciplines.

  • Branding +
    Our branding-centric services cover all phases of brand strategy and development, including research/analysis to define brand values, attributes and differentiators; development of visual identity systems, messaging maps and creative campaign elements; and launching brands in multiple media to internal and external audiences.
  • Business strategy +
    More than ever, marketing strategy is inseparable from business strategy. Which is why we consult with many clients to help them sort out, prioritize and attach action plans to their biggest strategic challenges—including identifying high-impact trends and growth opportunities, clarifying business unit strategies, addressing sales and channel issues, and engaging with external stakeholders.
  • Content marketing +
    Regardless of who your target buyers are, it’s virtually impossible to create content that resonates with them until you understand the unique context of their situation. From strategy to story and from execution to measurement, our team of experts has turned the art of communicating with your customers and prospects without selling in to an art form.
  • Creative +
    We believe the most effective creative is fueled by insight and strategy. So before we begin concepting, our creatives work closely with our account teams to determine what’s different, important and compelling about our clients’ products or services. The result is our creative roadmap—a document that enables us to produce work that not only builds the brand, but also delivers measurable results.
  • Customer insight +
    You are incredibly knowledgeable about your customers and prospects. After all, you spend most of your day thinking about what they want and need. What we help you do is take the knowledge you already have, then probe your customers and prospects further, add competitive information, pull out the richest nuggets of information and discover any gaps.
  • + Digital strategy
    Even before your prospects enter the sales cycle, they're visiting your site, reading blog reviews, chatting with colleagues—you name it. So knowing how to craft their digital experiences is more critical than ever. Our digital strategy team focuses on interactive and online channels, both common and developing, to make sure your customers and prospects experience your brand in a consistent and effective way.
  • + Face-to-face
    No matter how the Internet evolves or how real-time digital communications become, nothing will ever replace the power of a handshake. That's why we're always looking for ways to make those face-to-face meetings more meaningful and memorable. Our team has plenty of experience in developing successful industry events and sales meetings from start to finish, not to mention a history of exceeding our clients' trade show goals.
  • + Lead generation/nurture
    Generating profitable demand for clients means finding highly qualified leads and winning response—and we make it happen with the full range of lead generation and nurture strategies and tactics, from initial development of personas and nurture paths, to content audits and strategy, to campaign planning, creative execution, campaign programming, measurement and optimization. All the while, aligning our nurture stream with sales collateral and messages that resonate throughout the buyer’s journey. Whether a limited direct response program or an ongoing cross-channel program, we bring together all the pieces to inspire action and maximize ROI.
  • + Media
    Innovative, thoughtful business-to-business media plans require a thorough understanding of how—and where—your customers and prospects look for information. Our team, which has both domestic and international marketing expertise, seeks out the best opportunities for your specific challenge. Whether that’s traditional print or advanced digital, we find the most appropriate ways to surround your customers with your message.
  • + Public relations
    Our PR approach is to gain a deep understanding of our clients, their businesses, and their marketing objectives and strategies so that we can tell a compelling story about them. Rather than choosing PR as an a-la-carte option or defining it solely as press outreach, we determine how and where public relations can work for each client. Our PR team works closely with other agency disciplines, from account to creative to direct response, to develop truly integrated plans that drive measurable business results.
Personalities with purpose

Sort of like that kale/meatball thing we tried for lunch yesterday, or the band Paul McCartney
played in before Wings, Slack and Company is truly more than the sum of its parts. But our
“parts” are pretty interesting too. Get a glimpse of our leadership team below.


Gary Slack

Gary Slack

Chief Experience Officer


Gayle Novak

EVP, Executive Account Director, Director of Client Services, Partner


Ron Klingensmith

EVP, Chief Creative Officer, Partner


Kelley Fead

EVP, Brand Practice Leader, Partner


Rich Dettmer

EVP, Director of Digital Strategy, Partner


Robert C. Jaeschke

Chief Financial Officer,


Terry McDermott

VP, Media Director


Matt Finizio

VP, Creative Director


Margaret McIntyre

VP, Brand Strategy and Insights


Mike Ritt

VP, Associate Creative Director

Some of the brands we’re working with:
What we're posting, blogging and thinking about
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Slack and Company is a charter member of the Worldwide Partners B2B Network—the world's largest network of independent agencies that either specialize in b-to-b marketing or offer it as an area of practice. No other resource can bring together more global b-to-b experience and expertise, for better insights across markets and more effective marketing as a result.

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We're easy to reach.

And eager to help. Just call, write or email us via the channels listed here. (Or even fire up your fax to hear the sweet sounds of a modem one more time.)

Slack and Company

233 N. Michigan Ave., Suite 3050

Chicago, IL 60601

p: (312) 970-5800

f: (312) 970-5850

New Business Inquiries

Gary Slack

Chief Experience Officer


p: (312) 970-5858

m: (847) 770-5351

Employment Opportunities

Monika Jentsch

Manager of Employee Experience


p: (312) 970-5871



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